Premium Business Cards

Get set to impress with thicker, textured papers and custom shapes.

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Get noticed with unique textures, alternative materials and special finishes.

Foiled Accent Business Cards

Foil Accent

A glistening foil overlay that makes your logo or text pop.
Embossed Gloss Business Cards

Embossed Gloss

Eye-catching shine on your text or logo for added texture and depth.
Raised Foil Business Cards

Raised Foil

Textured gold or silver foil helps your design really stand out.
Linen Business Cards


Slightly woven texture, for a handcrafted look.
Soft Touch Business Cards

Soft Touch

Silky coated texture, for a unique touch and feel.
Matte Business Cards

Premium Matte

A thicker version of our smooth, shine-free matte paper.
Glossy Business Cards

Premium Glossy

A thicker version of our shiny, light-catching glossy paper.
Kraft Business Cards


Light brown, 17pt-thick 90% post-consumer recycled paper.
Natural Textured Business Cards

Natural Textured

Lightly rippled, 16pt-thick 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

Shop by shape

Go for standard cards or try an interesting, unexpected shape.


Rectangular dimensions give you a recognizable look.

Rounded Corners

Quarter-inch rounded corners on a wide variety of paper types.


Understated and unique shape that puts the focus front and center.

Make Your Mark with Exceptional Business Cards.

Eager to leave an indelible impression during events, meetings, and introductions? Craft business cards that not only encapsulate your brand but also convey your professionalism and dedication. Share them at gatherings, seamlessly integrating yourself into conversations and potential business opportunities, or include them in promotional kits and informational packets. Explore a range of styles and tailor them to fit your brand’s essence. Incorporate essential details such as contact information, QR codes, and physical locations with effortless ease. For personalized design guidance and expert tips, simply reach out to our specialists. Engage, inspire, and foster connections. Dive into the world of impactful networking with our premium business cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer other unique materials or finishes?

You can also check out our deluxe business cards. We offer painted edge, plastic, ultra thick cards and more.

Can I choose rounded corners or a square shape for any of these cards?

Absolutely – those options are available for many of the cards listed on this page.

Is it possible to print on the back of premium cards?

Yes. For an extra fee, you can add a backside to any of these options.

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